The Honey Library®

What we're about

The Honey Library® is creating the Australian National Honey Library® which is a collection of Australian mono-floral and poly-floral pure raw Honeys.

In additon to our own hives, we are committed to working with Australian ethical-beekeepers no matter how small their apiary is. We endevour to promote the benefits of this amazing natural product. All our honey products are made from ethically sourced Australian honey, and we believe they have a siginificant effect on maintaining general health and boosting our immune system.  

We focus on producing a diverse range of unique, distinictive, and sometimes unusual mono/poly-floral honeys that are some of the most unique mono-floral raw honeys in the world. Each mono-floral raw honey is unique becauce our bees collect the unpreserved nectar from specific flowers at different times of the year.

The commercial honey typically found in many retail chains is often not a great example of the apiarists’ craft. That was a key driver behind The Honey Library. We are passionate about bringing unique regional, mono and poly-floral honeys to your tables.  

Join us at one of our Sydney or Newcastle tasting events to be surprised how our pure raw mono-honeys taste different from each other. You will never think of honey in the same way again.

Tell us what you think

We’re always interested in your feedback and suggestions. Is there a particular honey you’d like to know more about? Do you know of a unique honey or apiarist we should be talking to? Our goal is to spread the good news about Australian’s unique mono-honeys so get in touch with us!