2-Stack Insulated Beehive

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2 -Stack Insulated Beehive with full-depth wired and waxed frames

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Insulated Beehive, with Full Depth wired and waxed frames. Includes:

2 x Frame Full Depth Hive Body Langstroth
1 x 9 Frame Hive Bottom + Varroa Mesh
1 x 9 Frame Hive Top
1 x 9 Frame Queen Excluder
1 x 9 Frame Entrance Reducer
1 x Apithor, Small Hive Beetle trap
2 x Silver bullet – Small hive Beetle trap
Full Depth assembled wired and waxed frames.

Frame feeders and other equipment available on quote.

This award winning patented design from Finland is designed to provide your bees a 5 star insulated experience. The heavy duty insulated EPS will allow your bees to not waste time and energy (honey) on keeping their hive at optimum temperatures. Your bees will thank you with up to 30% extra honey flow. This is widely used in ethical beekeeping throughout Australia. This EPS material is a superdense polystyrene with the durability of tough plastic. Is is significantly lighter than wood. Mold-proof, no moisture retention, and will not cook the bees like plastic or corflute does in summer. This is the best option for a beehive. The bees take to EPS hives like fish in water.

Included is two different types of Small Hive Beetle trap (SHB).
1. The Apithor is an Australian patented trap which is placed on the bottom of the hive. The bees chase the beetles into the trap where they are trapped and ultimately die.
2. The Silver bullet is a popular trap used by most beekeepers. Used with vegetable oil or Diatomaceous Earth (DE), the bees chase the SHB into the trap where the beetle is smothered by the oil or DE and suffocates.

The Small Hive Beetle is a very common and problematic pest to coastal region beehives. The beetles have the ability to completely wipe out beehives. It is ethical to provide a safe environment for our honeybees which includes a pest free, insulated, clean and healthy home.

(Flat-pack is white only)

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