HWA Mead – Peach and Passionfruit 750ml 14%


This semi-sweet peach & passionfruit mead is made from our 100% raw Lake Macquarie honey. 14% alcohol.

This mead achieved 2nd place to be awarded the Silver Medal at the NSW Amateur Home Brewing Championship.

We have been a part of the entire process from flower to bee to hive to beekeeper to fermenation to bottling. So please join in on the process by ordering a bottle or two to share with family and friends.

Bees visited approx one million flowers to create this bottle of mead and flew approximately 44,000km.

This contains traces of Potassium Metabisulfite to stablise our mead by preventing wild yeast infections before fermentation. We do this to maintain the naturally occuring health properties of our raw honey, otherwise it would need to be pasteurised.

This range of meads is has been made available as part of the Cooperation involving Honey Wines Australia, and The Honey Library®.

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